Tuesday, June 12, 2012

HBCU Spotlight -Connecting HBCU's-

The HBCU Follow Train

As a product of a historically black university(Claflin University c/o '13), I feel it important  to also showcase HBCU initiatives and accomplishments. This is one that is slightly unconventional, but just as effective. On the social network Twitter, it is mostly used for entertainment and quickly dispersing news. However, three HBCU students saw the opportunity to use this medium as a way to connect and unite HBCU students. Kyle Harvey & Bo Amusa of Alabama A&M, & Marcus Brandon of Grambling State are the creators of the HBCU Follow Train allowing students nationwide to communicate and network.

On Twitter there are often twitter topics or follow trains focused specifically on a certain region or a university. The method behind the HBCU Follow Train was to instead unite all HBCU colleges and students. As each university has something special to offer, reaching out and networking with each other leaves everyone a beneficiary. 
It was evident that this initiative to bring together the nation's HBCU students would be effective by the  mass amount of positive feedback the follow train creators had after only a few tweets. It allows students to communicate in various aspects. Campus queens, individuals in the same field of study, sororities and fraternities, band members, & even those with common interests such as the average college struggle with the cafe can relate and identify with one another.
The creators of the HBCU Follow Train are currently preparing an HBCU Mixtape. It is their hope and mission to give exposure to the many talented students that walk among our campuses. It is important to not only expose HBCU artists to professionals in the music industry, but to highlight our many talents to fellow students and alumni, and those that unfortunately believe the many negative stereotypes of HBCU students.
Brandon, Amusa, & Harvey are also planning to do HBCU Tours, where after interacting on social mediums, there can be personal and face to face networking and interaction. Overall, there are 105 HBCU's nationwide, and the creators hope to bring every one together in some way. 
Singers, bands, rappers, & poets if you would like to be apart of the HBCU Mixtape contact Marcus Brandon, Kyle Harvey, or Bo Amusa and email submissions to richierishvish@yahoo.com. All finalists for the mixtape will be featured on Urbane.

Connect with the HBCU Follow Train
Email Mixtape submissions to: 

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