Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Eyes Closed, Ears Open -Lola Monroe-

Lola Monroe  - Stay Schemin'

Many are familiar with Ms Monroe, formerly known as Angel Lola Luv. She has technically been in the public eye for quite a while as a model/actress/video vixen but, with her recently signing to Wiz Khalifia's Taylor Gang, she is creating much more of a buzz for herself. Lola Monroe is not new to the rap game having 4 mixtape releases under her belt as well as a new mixtape "Crown Ain't Safe" being released later in the year as well is her first album which still is under works. Looking at other female rappers that are really in the game right now, there aren't many to choose from that are really about the bars that they spit. But, Ms Monroe, definetly is. Her most recent tracks which include her freestyling over popular songs "Stay Schemin'" & "Flexin'" have been released to show that she's back in the rap game now and she's not playing around. Make sure to check out two of her tracks that have been buzzing all over the net. "Darling" & "Dark Red Lipstick" Take a look at Lola freestyling on TGOD's "Oh Gee La" around the 1 minute mark. 

Connect With Lola:
Taylor Gang Youtube

Keeping A Close Eye -UMG, Halle' W


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Nice video, can't wait to see more. Glad to see a fellow new blogger. Hope we both do well :)

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